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First to sign up for MMH 2022 - Daljinder Chalmers

Daljinder Chalmers and her mum Gurmeet Virk

The first registration this year is Daljinder Chalmers. She is a long-time supporter of Mad March Hare and here she shares with us why she is joining us once again.

This year I decided to take part in Mad March Hare with my mum.

My reason for doing this is because the past two years has taught me how fragile life really is and although one minute you could be happy without a care in the world the next you could be supporting a loved one, a friend or a colleague with a cancer diagnosis.
I have had family members pass away due to cancer but I have also seen close friends fight for their life and rise from the torturous treatment to find a new lease of life.

Last year, a new colleague joined my team and a week later the team learnt that they had been diagnosed with breast cancer, it was then that I really realised that despite being there for them virtually I really was helpless.

I could offer words of encouragement and say everything will be ok but sometimes I felt those words just weren’t enough. It was then that I said to my mum that we should do something to help support the charity and to raise awareness too.
So here we are, trainers on and ready to take on the challenge. Mum and I will be training and then doing our 10k challenge virtually in Warwickshire.

I am also using this opportunity to raise awareness in my own Sikh community too.

Daljinder Chalmers

We’re delighted to have you on board Daljinder and Gurmeet, and look forward to sending you your medals.

Why not be like Daljinder and Gurmeet, and sign up for the Mad March Hare 2022. It’s easy to join us, just pop along to the Events area of the website.

Remember 100% of your registration fee goes to the charity Breast Cancer Now.

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