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Some of the Mad March Hare crew!!
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From left to right

From left to right Kathy Doyle, Jo Ridley, Michael Biddulph and Margaret Nicholson (Chair) – back;  Georgia Nicholson and Nicky Edwards – front.

What do we all do?

There are many things that need to be done every year in order to make the event as good as it can be.  Some of the roles we undertake are set out below:


The chairperson supports the team across all activities, providing management, communication and organisational expertise.  Leading team meetings, this role has overarching authority on all aspects of Mad March Hare and has close links with our sponsors and supporters.


The Secretary maintains the team’s project plan throughout the year, helping to coordinate activities and ensuring that everything runs to plan.  This post holder coordinates meetings, producing papers and taking notes of key decisions and actions.


The Treasurer manages all money-related activities, reconciling monthly bank statements, receiving cash, cheques and other payments, and liaising closely with the Wiltshire Breakthrough Group.  The post holder provides financial reports for the team and liaises with other team members in relation to sponsorship, registrations and merchandise.

Website Manager

The Website Manager manages and maintains the Mad March Hare website, ensuring that it is up-to-date, robust and safe to use.  As well as being a tool to promote Mad March Hare throughout the year, the website is able to receive and process online registrations and merchandise sales.

Media and Promotions Coordinator

The Media and Promotions Coordinator builds and maintains close relationships with our media contacts and promotion outlets via regular press releases and ad hoc communication.  The post holder works closely with the Website Manager to finalise relevant content for the site and identifies opportunities to increase promotion of the event.


The Administrator provides support to the team and the event itself, including the receipt and processing of postal and online entries and the maintenance of a database of entrants.  The post holder works closely with the Treasurer to receive and record sponsorship income and communicates directly with entrants.

Merchandise Coordinator

The Merchandise Coordinator leads on the sourcing, purchasing and retailing of Mad March Hare merchandise, identifying and liaising with suppliers, and coordinating the sale of merchandise pre-event and on the day.  The post holder works closely with the Website Manager with regards to online sales.

Goody Bag Coordinator

The Goody Bag Coordinator sources and procures goody bags and their contents, liaising with supporters and sponsors with regards to promotional materials and items.  The post holder leads on logistical matters relating to the goody bags, including packing and transportation to the event on the day.

Wiltshire Breast Cancer Now Group (WBCNG) Representative

The  WBCNG Representative is the main link between the Mad March Hare Team and the Wiltshire Group of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  The post holder updates the team on all WBG matters of relevance to Mad March Hare activities and vice versa.  The post holder liaises with the national office of Breakthrough to promote Mad March Hare.

Event Manager

The Event Manager takes overall management of the Mad March Hare event, from planning the routes, signage, liaising with the host organisation (currently Lydiard Park Academy), developing and maintaining robust procedures and protocols including health and safety, and liaising with other team members and other stakeholders to ensure the smooth running of the event.

There’s a lot to do and often it’s all hands to the pumps but that’s what makes Mad March Hare what it is! Smile

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