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This Mad March Hare they are Splitting Hares!

Carol Rose & Chris Gilliard, completed the 5K walk on the 12th March 2022.

Their route involved Middleleaze, Shaw, Peatmoor and Nine Elms.

As pictured they met up with friends at Peatmoor Lake, who egged them on
despite the rain!

This was the first wet weather experience in the 13 years they have been
completing this walk!!

Ladies, we think you are fantastic!

Further evidence that Carol Rose, and I, Chris Gilliard competing in the 5K walk on 12th March.
This year our theme was “Split Hares”!!!
We engaged with public on our route who were interested why we were dressed as we were.
Chris Gillard

If you’ve been inspired by Chris and Carol, you too can register for this years Mad March Hare, collect sponsorship or just make donations at the Mad March Hare JustGiving page. All funds collected go towards supporting Breast Cancer Now.

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